Author: Georgia Varozza

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The Amish Baking Cookbook - Plainly Delicious Recipes from Oven to Table

The Amish Baking Cookbook
  • 5 Stars
  • Number: 9780736955386
  • Release: 2014-09-01
  • Authors: Georgia Varozza, Kathleen Kerr
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Food, Home, Style and Travel, Amish
  • Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
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Building on the success of The Homestyle Amish Kitchen (more than 58,000 copies sold), Georgia Varozza partners with experienced baker Kathleen Kerr to give you a cookbook filled with the foods most associated with the Plain and simple life: baked goods. This delicious collection of more than three hundred classic baking recipes for cookies, cakes, pies, bars, and breads inspires you who love Amish fiction and are drawn to the Plain lifestyle to roll up your sleeves and start baking!

Whether you consider yourself a novice or a veteran in the kitchen, Georgia and Kathleen make it easy to make delicious baking recipes such as Amish Nut Balls and Brown Sugar Pie. Find the perfect recipe to prepare for that large weekend potluck, tonight's intimate family dinner, or a fun activity with the kids.