Author: Geoffrey A. Gilbert

Geoffrey A. Gilbert previously spent 20 years in the banking industry. In his free time, he enjoys gardening. Gilbert resides in St. George's.


The Bazatov Conspiracy

The Bazatov Conspiracy
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  • Number: 9781496974112
  • Release: 2015-06-15
  • Author: Geoffrey A. Gilbert
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
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The Bazatov Conspiracy  When CIA Agent, Melville Zadev boarded Gateway Airways Flight 189 at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Thanksgiving dinner was on his mind. The many overseas assignments left him in a state of sheer exhaustion – another three months, and he'll be saying goodbye to the Cia. But by a strange and ironic twist of fate, Zadev learnt even before he landed at Jfk that his blissful thoughts of retiring, were far from becoming a reality. Two Jihadists had commandeered the flight. One of them is holding a knife to the throat of a senior flight attendant, while his accomplice spews out a slew of hateful anti- American expletives. They had one objective - blasting the Boeing 777 with 283 American passengers out of the sky! Zadev teams up with an off duty Marine to confront the hijackers! The accolades came from every quarter, and Melville Zadev is hailed as a true American hero. The Cia man thought he had fought his final battle. But the terrorists were not daunted by the botched hijacking. Soon, Zadev hits the road, tracking a shadowy and elusive enemy! From Allepo, to the exotic French Riviera and Ramadi in Iraq, Zadev goes on a ruthless hunt for the jihadists. In Moscow, a former Military man joins him in the fight; but the terrorists had other ideas. An assassin's bullet takes out a key informant, moments after he met Zadev and his Russian partner. America's arch enemy - the Maki Network, led by Jatan Bazatov, has another score to settle. And while Zadev plans his strategy to liquidate the evil masterminds, a mole within the CIA, sells top secret intelligence to America's enemies! It's a desperate race against time for Melville Zadev and Vladimir Slavancovic, as they try to stop Bazatov and his group of barbaric jihadists.