Author: Gayle Hadley

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Frozen Satisfaction - Series: Creamy

Frozen Satisfaction
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  • Number: 9781419921360
  • Release: 2009-08-25
  • Author: Gayle Hadley
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * SPICY: HOT Romance
  • Publisher: Closed: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc
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Book Length: Novella
For over two millennia, Shalie has forsaken her life as a faerie to wait on Earth for her mortal husband’s rebirths. Twice they’ve shared lifetimes together and although Shalie is shattered when his lives end, she doesn’t regret her decision to remain Earthbound to wait for him. They share a passion so wild, so intimate and so hotly fulfilling that one lifetime together every thousand years is more than enough for Shalie.
But the fey are determined to bring Shalie back into their realm. When a magical male interrupts Shalie’s dreams, bringing with him a wicked excitement that awakens all of Shalie’s wildest cravings, she is torn between the hunger she feels for this mysterious stranger and the intimate passion she has always shared with her mortal beloved.