Author: Gary M. Douglas

Gary Douglas is a sought-after international speaker who empowers people to know that they are the source for creating a life that goes beyond the limitations of popular beliefs and conditioning. Gary pioneered a set of transformational life changing tools and processes known as Access Consciousness® 25 years ago. His work has spread to 173 countries, with 2,000 trained facilitators worldwide. A business innovator, investor, author, antique storeowner and breeder of Costa Rican horses, Gary Douglas lives life to the fullest. Prior to creating Access Consciousness®, Gary Douglas was a successful realtor in Santa Barbara, California and also completed a psychology degree. Although he attained material wealth and was regarded as successful, his life lacked meaning and so he sought a new way forward - one that would create change in the world and in people’s lives. Douglas has written 17 books so far, and several best-sellers on the subjects of finance and business including, Rich Riches for You, Beyond the Utopian Ideal, Money Isn’t the Problem, You Are, and many more. Gary is regularly featured in the media as a thought leader in business. Find Gary at and Access Consciousness at Follow @garymdouglas and on Facebook.


Would You Teach a Fish to Climb a Tree? - A Different Take on Kids with ADD, ADHD, OCD and Autism

Would You Teach a Fish to Climb a Tree?
  • Number: B00J14BO9M
  • Release: 2014-03-14
  • Authors: Anne Maxwell, Gary M. Douglas, Dain Heer
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Health, Mind, & Body
  • Publisher: Access Consciousness Publishing, LLC
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"Would You Teach a Fish to Climb a Tree? A Different Take on Kids with ADD, ADHD, OCD and Autism" provides us with a refreshing and new perspective on these children who are so different from their peers. Co-authored by three practitioners who have had remarkable success working with them, this book is filled with practical tools, stories, observations, and life changing questions that can be used by anyone who has one of these kids in their life and who is looking for something different. These children are magical and you are sure to fall in love with many of them. There are many magical adults as well … those who are willing to step beyond what so many experts in the field advocate, into what they actually know to be effective with the children. Parents and siblings and relatives; teachers and therapists and administrators; peers and loved ones and friends … all will benefit from this groundbreaking book.

Money Isn't the Problem, You Are

Money Isn't the Problem, You Are
  • 3 Stars
  • Number: 9780984508860
  • Release: 2012-01-11
  • Authors: Gary M. Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Business
  • Publisher: Big Country Publishing, LLC
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THIS BOOK OFFERS YOU "OUT OF THE BOX" CONCEPTS WITH MONEY Money Isn't The Problem, You Are is written for people who live in a constant state of difficulty around money, whether it's spending too much, not having enough, or having too much. In Money Isn't The Problem, You Are, Gary Douglas and Dain Heer share processes, tools, and points of view that you can use to change the way money flows into your life. Gary and Dain have worked with lots of people regarding money issues. Through innovative tools, Douglas and Heer have helped those who had $10 in their pocket and people who had ten million. The interesting thing is they all have the same issue it has nothing to do with money. It has to do with what they are unwilling to receive. What you are unwilling to receive creates the limitation of what you can have. Change THAT and money isn't an issue any more!

LEARNING TO RECEIVE IS THE GREATEST THING YOU CAN DO Money Isn't The Problem, You Are is based on the very popular Access Money Seminar, which has been taught in cities throughout the U.S., Costa Rica, Australia and New Zealand.

"It's not about money. It never is. It's about what you're willing to receive. The Universe is endlessly abundant. Learn to make different choices with the empowering tools in this book. You CAN create a different reality." -Gary Douglas, found of Access Consciousness®

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