Author: Freia Hagen

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The Guardian - The Guardian, #1

The Guardian
  • Number: B00IO4K3V0
  • Release: 2014-02-25
  • Author: Freia Hagen
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, Debut Title
  • Publisher: Freia Hagen
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When tragedy hits her life, Alyssa Matthews goes from being a popular high school senior to an angry introvert overnight. Every facet of her existence becomes dull and monotonous. Everything changes when a gorgeous warrior saves her life. He also reveals the overwhelming truth of her past, present, and future. Alyssa wants no part of it. With otherworldly evil hunting her, Alyssa is forced to face her unbelievable reality and embrace the power that is building within her. As much as she tries to resist the connection pulling her toward the stunning warrior, she finds herself falling for him. But could her love for him be the very thing that kills him?

Michael has spent the past two millennia defending the realms from demons. As the leader of the Royal Guard of Xalanthia he is charged with protecting Queen Pax. He has never strayed from his mission, living only to serve the queen. But, the time for Pax to surrender the throne is drawing near. Michael is charged with seeking out the heir to the throne and bringing her back to Xalanthia. His mission becomes entangled with complications as his emotions for the beautiful heiress threaten to bring out the darkness within him putting everyone, including the woman he loves, in grave danger. Can Michael keep the darkness from consuming him or will he become a murderous monster?

With the help of faeries, witches, wizards, a handful of vampires and a Greek god seeking revenge, Alyssa must face the ultimate sacrifice to save the man she loves. But will she kill them both instead?

Contains an excerpt from Fire and Ice, an upcoming novel by Freia Hagen.

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