Author: Francis Benedict

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To Cure!

To Cure!
  • Number: B01BKZJDF6
  • Release: 2016-02-07
  • Author: Francis Benedict
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, Suspense: Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press
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Adeishi is a scientist newly working for a section of IngoSmart Laboratories. Walking along an unfamiliar corridor in search of the “antigens” storage room, she mistakenly enters through a door that leads down a cellar where she stumbles upon a hideous secret.

Consequently for Adeishi, her inadvertent discovery has led to the gruesome murder of her boyfriend and set her on the run for her life. What she has discovered hidden in the dark basement mustn’t reach the knowledge of the outside world. IngoSmart’s owner, Morgan Nicholson, has sent killers on her trail and nothing will stand in the way of their finding her. But another figure deep within IngoSmart has a different plan in mind. Working in synergy with Obed Ringum, an ex-army investigator, the duo are bent on thwarting IngoSmart’s every move concerning the use of children for an unwholesome experiment. But for their plan to work, first, they will have to be quick enough to locate Adeishi and, possibly, her shadow confederate, Mike Ellams, before the wealthy American’s assassins can rid the one major witness of her life.

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