Author: Fiona Quinn

Canadian born, Fiona Quinn is now rooted in the Old Dominion outside of D.C. with her husband and four children. There, she homeschools, pops chocolates, devours books, and taps continuously on her laptop.


WASP - Uncommon Enemies Book 1

  • Number: B077WBMVPS
  • Release: 2017-04-11
  • Author: Fiona Quinn
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romantic Suspense, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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WASP - from USA Today Bestselling Author Fiona Quinn

The enemy will stop at nothing to get to Zoe and the military secrets that could change everything. What Zoe’s knows is getting people killed. Is she next?

Gage is a hardened special forces operative with only one soft spot: Zoe. Her desperate screams echoing from inside her home switch his instincts from lover to guardian.

To keep America safe, to guard the love of his life, Gage is coming full throttle. Grab your copy and join the adventure!

**WASP is the 1st book in the Uncommon Enemies Series: an Iniquus Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Thriller. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings, and the series does not have to be read in order.

Weakest Lynx - The Lynx Series, #1

Weakest Lynx
  • Number: B00T9T6U98
  • Release: 2015-04-21
  • Author: Fiona Quinn
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Kindle Press
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Not since Alias and Sydney Bristow has a young femme fatale been so engagingly human. - DIANE CAPRI, New York Times and USAToday Bestselling Author

Lexi Sobado is a young woman with a special gift: she's psychic. But even knowing things others don't, Lexi's unable to avoid genuine danger when a stalker focuses his evil on her. As the situation escalates, she must navigate through a sinister web of fear and danger to stay alive.

When the madman forces his way into Lexi's home, she sustains near-fatal injuries.Lexi's survival means she is the only one who can identify the stalker, and she becomes the critical witness who might hold the key to stopping the murderer terrifying the families of Washington's elite intelligence agencies.

Striker Rheas, an ex-Navy SEAL, and his team of expert operators are charged with protecting Lexi. The more time Striker spends on this security assignment, the more trouble he has maintaining the boundaries of professionalism. He knows Lexi is keeping secrets, and protecting her is not going to be an easy task if he's missing vital information . . . and losing his heart to her.

Somewhere between peril and resolve, Striker must find a way to help Lexi trust. What she hides, what she reveals, and what she uncovers will need to find the perfect balance if she's going to save her own life and stop the killer. And time is running out.

A thrilling novel of uncompromising determination, courage, and intense riskstaken to protect the greater good.

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