Author: F. G. Haghenbeck

F.G. Haghenbeck is a novelist, historian and comic-book writer. Has a degree in Architecture, LaSalle University Mexico city. He worked as museum designer, television producer and architect, until he was devoted to his literature career taking in full time job. Haghenbeck now is a well know fiction novelist on many countries. Is famous by his Noir-books, like the bestseller Trago Amargo (Bitter Drink), book winner of "Vuelta de tuerca award" for Best Mystery Novel 2006. Published on France (Denöel Edit.), Spain (Roca) and USA (Amazon Crossing). And bios of Mexican artists like Frida Kahlo: The secret book of Frida Kahlo (Atria) published on Germany, Holland, Brazil, USA, China, France, Serbia and Italy. Also wrote the books El Diablo me obligó, Aliento a Muerte and El Código Nazi.

On Comic books, he was the co-creator and co-writer of Crimson for DC Comics (1999-2002); creator and writer of Alternation (Image Comics, 2003); and the only professional Mexican writer in a Superman title (DC Comics). He wrote the graphic novel Corre democracia, corre with the artist Micro and Un mexicano en cada hijo. Also, the creator of the children's books Santa vs. los vampiros, and Niña Mar with the artist Tony Sandoval.

The author lives in Tehuacan, Puebla with a beautiful chef (his wife), a young anarchist (his daughter), and Brandy (his dog).