Author: Erin Huss

My name is Erin Huss. I'm a thirty-something mom of five, wife of one, author and blogger. I enjoy long walks through Target, romance novels, See’s Candy and musicals. I'm originally from the beautiful Central Coast of California, and now reside in Thousand Oaks with my family, which also includes two dogs and a lot of fish.

I worked as an on-site apartment manager for six years. One day, while being yelled at by a woman I was evicting because her son wouldn't stop vandalizing the building (she said he had ADD, therefore he couldn’t help writing the F-word and gang symbols all over the place), I had the idea to start The Apartment Manager's Blog. My goal was to find the funny in the absurdity that was my life and write it down for all to enjoy. Managing by myself with small kids at home was no joke, and blogging helped me keep my sanity...mostly.

Once my husband finished dental school (go Trojans!), and I was able to retire, I began writing The Apartment Manager Series...and the rest is history.