Author: Erin Hawthorn

Grandmother, Mom, Romance/Mystery writer and reader. Most people don't know I have akraphobia (fear of mountains) so you won't ever catch me hiking or skiing. Huge Fan of author Ann Cleeves, Martha Grimes and M.C. Beaton.


A Highlander's Dream

A Highlander's Dream
  • Number: B07B4RJR96
  • Release: 2018-02-28
  • Author: Erin Hawthorn
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical, Debut Title
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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Proud and powerful warrior of the McLaine clan, Gareth is set to wed his laird’s only daughter when fate delivers a devastating blow that sends his future bride screaming from him and into another man’s arms. Made bitter by her rejection, he protects his heart as fiercely as he protects his clan, resolving never to wed.

When he encounters the strikingly beautiful Avalynn, he is captivated not only by her heart-stirring perfection, but an understanding that speaks to a need within his soul. Considering himself unworthy to possess such a beauty, he is forced to restrain his white-hot longings. Only in dreams could he dare to hold her in his arms and speak the words written on his heart. Whatever his feelings, as a man of honor, he must not pursue her, for regrettably she belongs to another.

However, unknown to Gareth, Avalynn has a few dreams of her own.

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