Author: Erika Sorin

Erika writes erotica, with dark, emotional elements which portray her characters' inner journeys. She loves exploring the themes of domination, submission, seduction and surrender. Her stories usually fall under the paranormal or contemporary genres, although she also writes erotic horror.

Erika also writes under two other names: as Elysa Summers, she pens lighter, more fun, contemporary erotic romance; as Dianna Hardy, she writes occult books, gothic poetry, adult urban/dark fantasy and paranormal romance.

All of her alter-egos have a joint blog at 3 DEE, where they discuss their experiences of self-publishing, commercial publishing and writing in general.

Dianna/Erika/Elysa (DEE) started writing full stories from the age of ten. Her interest in romantic fiction peeked at around twelve with the discovery of Mills & Boon and Silhouette books from her local library -- the funny thing was, though, that at that innocent age, she was actually interested in the plot and not the romance! 



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  • Author: Erika Sorin
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They were best friends, university sweethearts, and then husband and wife. Getting over Michael was the hardest thing Layla ever had to do—so hard that she's become an expert at keeping her true feelings hidden, even from herself. Little does she know, Michael not only still loves her, but he wants her back in his life for good—and he's willing to do anything to make her see that she still loves him, too . . . anything.

Light BDSM Spanking Bondage D/s Dubious Consent

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