Author: Eric Messinger

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Dominion of Giants Coloring Book - Behemoths of the Fantasy World

Dominion of Giants Coloring Book
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  • Number: 9781497202924
  • Release: 2017-03-07
  • Author: Eric Messinger
  • Genre: Art & Coloring
  • Tags: Coloring
  • Publisher: Design Originals
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Discover a fabled dominion where Giants are a part of everyday life. In this imaginative coloring book, fantasy illustrator Eric Messinger takes you inside an alternate fantasy world of Kingdom Giants, Hill Giants, Mountain Giants, War Giants, and more. Ranging in mood from ferocious to gentle, these gargantuan humanoids are ready to color with markers, colored pencils, watercolors, or gel pens. Dominion of Giants Coloring Book includes handy guides to coloring techniques like patterning, combinations, and shading. Guided Coloring Pages make coloring easy for beginners, with beautifully colored examples and ready-to-use color palettes. Each design is printed on one side only of archival-grade, acid-free, 200-year paper, and perforated pages detach easily for gifting or display. This book has earned the DO Magazine Artist Fair Trade Seal of Approval.