Author: Emmie Harrison

Emmie Harrison is an American writer who grew up in the North and has spent several years of her life living and experiencing both coasts of the US. Now, she has settled down in the South. When she isn't writing, Emmie enjoys her time with her very supportive husband and two young children, all of which she could never do without. Music is a must in her house and she's been known to both retro-game and indulge in anything Disney. Snow and tea make her happy, as do snuggles received from her cat.

Despite being the typical left-brainer, Emmie always had a love for reading and writing. Many authors and genres have captivated her interest over the years, making her tastes rather eclectic. However, she embraces this, as it allows her to escape into worlds of all sorts. From Victorian to modern, science fiction to fantasy, and any others the imagination is able to conjure—be it in reading or when she writes. Although, being forever the romantic, the pull toward romance and happily ever afters has always been strong. As a result, it didn't take long before such themes became a near constant in her writings, regardless of plot, genre, or character types.