Elysabeth Williams

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Author: Elysabeth Williams

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The Electrifying Exploits of the English Three

The Electrifying Exploits of the English Three
  • 5 Stars
  • Number: 978-1-61650-223-2
  • Release: 2011-01-03
  • Author: Elysabeth Williams
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: * SF: Steampunk
  • Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc.
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Can three women stop the destruction of the Tower Bridge?

Eliza, Miriam, and Jillian are friends by fate, employment, and society. In the London of 1894, they receive a directive from their mysterious boss to investigate, and stop, the Countess Wilmont's plot to destroy the newly erected Tower Bridge.

Delving into a secret world of masterful training in martial arts, curious new technologies and weaponry, the women are armed and very dangerous.

Their investigation reveals a terrible truth about two of their husbands, and along the way they meet three men who will change their world…and show them that gentlemen aren’t always what they seem.

Content warning: Sex and violence. 

Devil in a Red Kilt

Devil in a Red Kilt
  • 5 Stars
  • Number: 9781934912294
  • Release: 2010-08-15
  • Author: Elysabeth Williams
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Rom: Historical
  • Publisher: Black Lyon Publishing, LLC
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Their Happily Ever After
Deserved a Second Chance

For more than twenty years, Evan and Evie MacDonald were the couple meant to be. Their marriage now in tatters, they throw one final family Halloween party to honor Evie's recently deceased mother. But, as Evans hand hovers over divorce papers, the ancient Celtic secrets Evie's mother always spoke of spring to life.

Transported in flames to thirteenth-century Scotland, Evie and Evan land on opposite sides of the feud raging between Clans MacDonald and McLeod. Dubbed the Red Devil, Evan's skills as a leader and warrior bring him into the enemy campand back to Evie. Now, faced with an ancient evil they never imagined, the two must rekindle the forever and ever kind of love they once felt, and bargain for a bit of Fae magic to flip the hourglass right side up again - before time runs out.