Author: Elsa Marston

With deep roots in New England, I grew up in Newton Centre, Massachusetts. I had (still do!) a twin sister named Lee. We were quite different: she was outgoing and sociable, while I was shy and liked to do things by myself. We fought a bit as kids--but we're great friends today. Our dad, a professor of English at Northeastern University in Boston, often invited students to our home. Being part of the Northeastern community was a big part of our lives. Our mom, a home economics teacher, made our clothes and excellent pies. We were lucky kids.

I always liked writing--for school newspapers, contests, even term papers. Later, as I read books to my children I thought, I can do this, too! Again I was lucky. I didn't work at a job-outside-the-home while my kids were growing up, as my husband had a steady job teaching at Indiana University and was interested in my writing. Although I couldn't have the career I had wished for earlier--working for an organization that would help people in developing countries--I used my education and interests to become a children's author.