Author: Elle Amour

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Claimed - Mate Seekers, Book One

  • 5 Stars
  • Number: 9781419925023
  • Release: 2010-03-05
  • Author: Elle Amour
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance
  • Publisher: Closed: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc
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Trista is living every middle-aged woman’s fantasy—she wakes to find her body is pre-kids, pre-stretch marks and pre-gravity. Oh yeah! What’s more, the lover sharing her fantasy—blond hair, piercing turquoise eyes and a sculpted body to drool over—makes her feel like the sexy teen she was back when he first visited her dreams. Except this is no fantasy, and Rurik the Conqueror is no dream lover. He’s real, he’s not from Earth, and this time he’s come to claim her.
Rurik had known Trista of Earth was his by the Svendian way—her scent. A war and fears for her safety were all that kept him from staking his claim years ago, but no longer. He needs her like he needs his next breath. But unknown forces intrude on his plans and Rurik finds she’s in greater danger than ever. This time he’s not giving up, and he’ll die to protect the woman who completes his soul in a way he never imagined.

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