Author: Elizabeth Avery

Elizabeth writes contemporary romance – usually light and often with a paranormal twist. She has had two short stories published under the pen name Rachel Michaels. Elizabeth has a full-time day job in communications, and lives outside of Madison, Wisconsin, with her husband, daughter and cat in a 100-year old Victorian fixer-upper.


Arc Angel

Arc Angel
  • Number: B00895IYME
  • Release: 2012-06-04
  • Author: Elizabeth Avery
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR
  • Publisher: Elizabeth Avery
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At 23, Miranda James is a genius at electronic security, an avid comic book fan and a complete recluse. Her crippling social anxiety disorder keeps her holed up in her apartment, afraid to interact with the world. When she becomes Arc Angel, a superhero who can control electricity, she doesn’t want anything to do with her newfound power. Suddenly, everyone wants her – the media, the police, and a mysterious and dangerous man known only as Mr. Brown. All of the attention would be unbearable except for one bright light: she’s finally met her idol, comic book creator Bryce Campion. Bryce might be enough to make her want to finally overcome her anxiety, but can she survive that long? Because in addition to the external forces, she’s also developed an adversary within: Arc Angel has invaded her body and has no intention of leaving.

Bryce Campion used to have it all: adoring fans, plenty of big boy toys, and an active social life. But a heart problem struck him three years ago, and as a result, he withdrew from everything and everyone. It’s impossible for him to pretend he doesn’t have a care in the world when the least bit of exertion or excitement could kill him. He’s about to give up on life when he discovers his most well-known creation, Arc Angel, has seemingly come to life. Now there’s a chance that he can regain everything he’s lost, if only he can convince Miranda to help him. He’s planning to use her and lose her – he doesn’t need someone to touch his heart, just someone to fix it. But he finds himself drawn to her, and soon her struggles to survive become as important to him as his own.

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