Author: Edward Lake

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Banjie the Beast - Banjie the Beast Series, book #1

Banjie the Beast
  • Number: 9780741480446
  • Release: 2012-11-30
  • Author: Edward Lake
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Science Fiction
  • Publisher: Infinity Publishing
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Before Banjie Bellingston became a beast, he was just an infant, with a loving mother and father, and a wonderful life ahead of him. Then, tragedy struck, and his fate was changed forever. The radical scientist, William Medlock, has betrayed and murdered Banjie s father, and transformed Banjie into a genetically engineered hybrid, with the DNA of a primate and grizzly bear. The result has given Banjie unnatural abilities, and left the city of St. Iyer with a deep sense of uncertainty. Years later, the leader of the criminal underworld, Heath Harley, sparks a wave of chaos that leads to an assassination attempt of Mayor John Hardy. The plan fails, but the message is clear: St. Iyer is under attack, and the forces of evil at work are winning the war. Outraged by the anarchy, Banjie decides to use his mutant abilities to aid the city. Ultimately, his efforts lead to Heath s apprehension, but in the process, he loses his beloved mother, and puts his crime fighting days to an end. Then, Medlock returns to finish what he started, and this time, he spawns a creature superior to Banjie.

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