Author: Edmond Gagnon

I grew up in Windsor, Ontario, an automotive town, but swore that I would never work in a factory. I worked in a warehouse after finishing high school. The office manager called me in to see him one day and asked where I saw myself down the road. I couldn’t see myself behind a desk in the office and I told him I considered being a police officer. He told me to use my lunch hour the next day and apply for a job at the police department. I passed the tests and later used another lunch hour to attend an interview. I showed up in jeans and a t-shirt, while all the other candidates were neatly dressed in three piece suits. They hired me anyway. I began my career walking a beat and eventually became a as a respected street cop. After working the streets in uniform for fifteen years, I spent time in plain clothes working in the Drug Squad, Morality Unit, Break & Enter Squad, and Pawn Shop Unit. I was promoted to sergeant and then re-assigned as a detective. My last fifteen years were spent as a criminal investigator. As an investigator, I learned the art of writing a good story. It was the story after all, that convicted the criminals. Over my thirty-one year career, I cultivated and worked with numerous police informants. Those informants gave me valuable information that led to arrests, and the recovery of stolen property, illegal narcotics and guns. I finished my career investigating Fraud and Arson.

Upon my retirement I traveled extensively, writing about my adventures and misadventures. After being coaxed by friends and relatives, I put a collection of my short travel stories together, and wrote my first book called “A Casual Traveler.” I wrote and published the book so that I could share my travel experiences. My readers complimented my writing style, saying I made them feel like they were right there with me. In writing "A Casual Traveler," I caught the writing bug.

On the day that I retired, a co-worker commented on the numerous informants that I had. That comment gave me the idea for another book. Everyone has a story to tell. I heard many stories from other people during my career, but I thought I should tell the stories of the people I knew as police informants. These people are necessary to the police, yet they have to remain anonymous for their own safety. Each person has their own reason for becoming a police informant, and they all share a dangerous existence.

I wrote and published my second book called "Rat - A Cop's Secret Weapon." It's my first book in a series I'm calling the "Black & White" series. In some cities, police cars are painted black and white. On the street, in real life, nothing is black and white.


Bloody Friday - Black & White Series

Bloody Friday
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  • Number: B00JXYX5A6
  • Release: 2014-04-25
  • Author: Edmond Gagnon
  • Genre: Suspense
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Black & White Crime Series

Best friends Jimmy Flynn and Patrick Kelly grow up in Belfast, Ireland sharing a common dream of a better life elsewhere. The different paths they choose in life have them involved with guns and drugs, on opposite sides of the law. Detective Norm Strom crosses paths with both these men. Their work, their women, and their lives intersect, eventually leading all of them to an explosive fatal reunion.

RAT - A Cop's Secret Weapon - Black & White Series

  • Number: B00DY59D24
  • Release: 2013-06-15
  • Author: Edmond Gagnon
  • Genre: Suspense
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  • Publisher:, Inc.
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Police informants exist in a netherworld that very few people dare venture into. They reach out from the darkness to the police, shedding light on the worst of criminals. Their anonymity is crucial to their success and survival. "Rat" tells how one cop used his arsenal of police informants as secret weapons in his fight against crime.

The main character in Rat is based on the author's personal experience as a police officer. The story follows Norm Strom from his rookie days walking a beat, to his retirement as a seasoned detective investigating deadly Arson. The book is loaded with police action, but it also gets personal, focusing on Norm's informants... who they were, why they informed, and how it affected their lives.

Rat draws the reader in for a close look at the underbelly of society, through a cop's eyes. You are introduced to murderers, drug dealers, prostitutes, and the secret informants who complete the circle of life on the street. Follow Norm Strom through his transformation from a naive teenager, to street cop, then undercover cop, and eventually a seasoned detective.

An informant can be someone in your family, a neighbor, or known criminal. You walk and live among them every day. They are sometimes a necessary ingredient to successful police investigations. The police refer to them as confidential sources. Others prefer to call them a Rat.

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