Author: E.L.R. Jones

E.L.R. Jones is an Author of several Interracial, Paranormal and Contemporary Romance fiction novels. She also has created short stories and poetry. In the near future, she hopes to release a children's book series. Ms. Jones incorporates all avenues of creativity into her works.

E. L. R. Jones began writing when she was just beginning her teen years. A pen in hand meant she needed to vent words that she couldn't otherwise express. Living a life that was already filled with pain and heartache, Ms. Jones began writing poetry. The ability to release the barely contained emotions was enough to inspire her to take Creative Writing classes in college.

Finding her stride with creative writing, she continued to write. E. L. R. Jones has put thought to page to amass quite a collection of work. Inspired by life and the dreams that press her to give "voice" to her characters, she is excited to bring her first work to fruition. There will be many to follow.

Ms. Jones resides in the South Carolina area and hopes to use her knowledge to educate other aspiring Authors. Enjoy the workings from an overactive mind!


Night Hunter - Secrets of the Night "Creatures" Series, Book 1

Night Hunter
  • Number: B00IBIGK48
  • Release: 2014-02-07
  • Author: E.L.R. Jones
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * SPICY: HOT Romance, Diverse Books
  • Publisher: E.L.R. Jones
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“Bringer of Death”, “Evil One”, “Most Despised”, “Leader of the Damned”: all of these were names that Alkinai (Kin) had worn arrogantly for most of his life.

He took pride in each name and allowed them to be bullet points on his résumé. He was one of the most powerful and most feared men in the land. Yet, he was lost. Dreams plague his mind and torment his soul. When the woman that has held his heart for a decade walks away, he finds himself torn. Little did he know he was to be a father.

Katana has always known who she was and who Alkinai was to her. He refuses to accept that he is her Intended, her Etam. Finding out that he may be the very evil her family despises causes her to rethink their impasse. Kat’s fear for the life of their unborn child and a whispered word from a certain Foresayer (Soothsayer/Foreseer) causes her to exit the life that she’s known with Alkinai.

Will the possible loss of his family be enough to make Kin take a look at the choices that he's made? Or will the engrained nature and bloodline of his father rule his life and turn his heart costing him his Intended and a place in the life of his unborn child?

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