Author: E.A. Black

E. A. Black writes dark fantasy, dark fiction, and horror. Black's stories have appeared in Stupefying Stories, Zippered Flesh 2: Tales Of Body Enhancements Gone Bad!, and Full-Metal Orgasm. At home by the ocean in Massachusetts, Black is surrounded by family and cats.



  • Number: B009MTO8ZI
  • Release: 2012-10-06
  • Author: E.A. Black
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Horror, * Under 45k Words
  • Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC
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When the love of his life, Alicia, calls him in the middle of the night to report she had been raped, Eric drops everything to come to her rescue. She takes him on an eerie ride through turbulent hours he can't quite comprehend. Alicia may need his help, but her situation is not what it seems.

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