Author: Dustin Grinnell

Dustin Grinnell was raised in a small town in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He has spent the last several years as a writer for corporate America, writing and editing marketing copy, developing stories for scientific publications, and writing articles, podcasts and video scripts for a popular science blog. As a science journalist, his articles have appeared in such online publications as and US News & World In addition to The Genius Dilemma, Dustin has written a full-length screenplay, and is currently working on his second novel, Without Limits. His travels essays have appeared in publications such as The Boston Globe, Narratively, The Expeditioner and Verge Magazine, and he also maintains a travel blog, Lost & Found. He has worked as a research scientist and a medical writer. He received his B.A. in psychobiology from Wheaton College and his M.S. in physiology from Pennsylvania State University. He is currently a science writer for a biomedical research institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts.