Author: Douglas Green

As a psychotherapist, Douglas Green spends every day helping people to find their hidden true voices, to improve and deepen their lives. But the best therapist he ever met was a husky-mix named Shirelle, the subject of this book. It was from looking at the work she did with his clients that this idea germinated.

“It was a frightening realization, that the greatest guru I ever knew wasn’t smart enough to ever learn to not run in front of moving cars. But that was okay, because I already knew to avoid moving cars. So as long as I kept her from those mad dashes, we were safe, and she could teach me, and those around us, all she innately knew.”

Before going into this field, he drove trucks, tended bar, cared for hospital patients, taught elementary school, and worked in nearly every capacity of film, stage, and television. Since becoming a therapist, Green has published articles in psychological journals, taught graduate school, performed on countless stages, been interviewed on radio and television, and given too many presentations to name.

More importantly, he is also the creator and author of the globally-popular website Through this, he reaches tens of thousands of readers around the world with the humor, sensitivity, and wisdom he gained from his pooch – in her voice.