Author: Donnie Whetstone

Donnie Whetstone resides in Rochester Washington with his wife Diane and has over twenty years of experience as a personal trainer. Though Fit to Kill is his first novel, he’s no stranger to writing, having written numerous articles on nutrition, weight training and fitness, appearing in newspapers, magazines and the internet. In Fit to Kill, his years as a trainer allow him to truly immerse the reader into the world of fitness in this detective thriller. Donnie is using his thirteen years of military experience in his second novel, a novel titled Night Spear.


Fit to Kill

Fit to Kill
  • Number: B007GRAITS
  • Release: 2012-03-03
  • Author: Donnie Whetstone
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: StoneCart Books
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La Flore is renowned for its elite personal trainers. This model city however, faces a crisis. Someone is on a killing binge. The killer is vicious and cunning. He harbors a profound irony for one of the nation’s fittest cities, and the way he selects his victims makes him untraceable, but this predator has a weakness.

Tara Tanner is a wife, mother, and a crack detective whose record is blemished by a tragic case that leaves her feeling she has lost her edge. Tara has other demons. She dreads becoming like her mother, a temptress and philanderer, made worse by her uncontrollable attraction for her own trainer.

Fit to Kill is a non-stop thriller of fantasy, temptation and redemption, a deadly game of chase, in which the line is marred between predator and prey, a game that reveals how far one will go to kill, and how far the other will go, to survive.

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