Author: Dianna Hardy

Multi-genre author of paranormal things, dark things, poetic things, sexy things, taboo things, and sometimes funny things. Writes about witches, demons and angels.

Author of The Witching Pen Novellas, A Silver Kiss (Vampire Poetry) and 'Til Death Do Us Part (an adult retelling of The Little Mermaid).

Scorpio, hermit, loves nature and animals.

If you have to put her in the genre box, she writes about what you may consider to be "the paranormal", including paranormal romance, dark fantasy romance, gothic poetry and occult books.

Although quite active online, Dianna is a self-confessed hermit, preferring the company of nature and animals to the hustle and bustle of people. She loves anything paranormal (she doesn't really consider it "para"), organic food, walking barefoot, the smell of the woods after rain, and summer days.

She lives in the UK with her husband and their daughter, where she devotes her time to parenting, publishing and writing.