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Author: Delyse Rodrigues-Trink

Author Delyse Trink grew up in Greenfield Park,Quebec where she got her CEGEP degree in Economics. She later moved to Ontario, Canada and received her degree in X-ray Technology in which field she worked at for many years.

She enjoys travelling,gardening and reading.

Her love of reading romance novels inspired her to write her first romance novel Wrapped in a Rainbow.

She has received an Editor's Choice Award for an anthology submission.

Her most recent release The Crimson-Eyed Dragon is her version of a modern-day Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew type of story. She next hopes to write a mystery/suspense novel based on her experience working in the medical field. 


Wrapped in a Rainbow

Wrapped in a Rainbow
  • Number: 9781452873251
  • Release: Out Now
  • Author: Delyse Rodrigues-Trink
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Romantic Elements
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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It would be Kristy Lipton's ultimate fantasy to escape the drudgery of the current Canadian winter and flee to a tropical island. When she is unexpectedly offered just this opportunity by her two best friends, she is hesitant. Kristy is not frivolous; she is an attractive young woman who is accustomed to a structured, stable life. What would this do to her agenda? Armed with a college degree and her first job at a prestigious firm she is ready to diligently climb the ladder to success. Kristy is certain that marriage and family will inevitably follow when the time is right. When unforeseen circumstances put a damper on Kristy's well laid-out plans she chooses to venture outside her comfort zone. Kristy decides to quit her job, leave her family and a boyfriend behind to take a temporary position in the Bahamas. Within hours of arriving in beautiful Nassau on New Providence Island Kristy meets the incredibly handsome and carefree Dave of 'Dave and Ken-s Parasailing'. Although his arrogant behaviour turns her off initially, Kristy surprisingly finds herself agreeing to go out with him. They end up having a sensational first date, but is Dave everything he appears to be? Definitely not! Is Kristy everything he assumes her to be? Definitely not! Kristy's exposure to a new lifestyle, exotic food and culture, amazing scenery, and a challenging job help her to evolve into a more self-assured woman both personally and professionally. Can she and David sort through all the misunderstandings to make a connection with each other? Are their lives destined to become entwined or will a conniving rival be able to destroy this bond?

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