Author: Debra Tash

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Dead Lawyers

Dead Lawyers
  • Number: 978-1-60659-222-9
  • Release: 2010-10-13
  • Author: Debra Tash
  • Genre: Romance
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  • Publisher: Mundania Press LLC
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Antinous Maricus Philippus, once distinguished Roman advocate, cursed by the goddess Justitia and quite dead for a very long time, must win one case before he can go onto the Elysian Fields.

Among the more notable cases he's been given to defend since being dead are two of Henry the Eighth's wives, the two who were beheaded, and Joan of Arc always comes to mind.

So when he is assigned waitress, Kate Wender’s straight-forward small claims suit to reclaim her refrigerator from her no good, chiropractor ex-boyfriend, Antinous believes the cosmos has finally given him a deserved break--that is, until Kate’s ex-boyfriend is shot dead.

After Kate is framed by the Las Vegas mob for the murder, Antinous must clear his seemingly scatterbrained client of the crime before she’s sent off across the River Styx by the same thugs who dispatched her former squeeze.

From the card tables of 1970s Las Vegas to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Antinous must discover who’s responsible for a pile of dirty dealings or be forever trapped between life and death.

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