Author: Debra Parmley

Originally from Ohio, Debra now lives near Memphis, Tennessee.. She has lived in six states and traveled extensively. Debra is the author of two western historical romances, A Desperate Journey, and Dangerous Ties, available in eBook. Print release for Dangerous Ties is April, 2013. Aboard The Wishing Star will be released Oct.11, 2012. Trapping the Butterfly, a 1920's romance set in Hot Springs, will be an April 2013 release.

It is with infinite love and gratitude that she gives thanks for this opportunity to fulfill her dream of sharing her stories with readers all over the world. One of her greatest joys is to hear from her readers.


Isabella Bride of Ohio - American Mail-Order Brides Series

Isabella Bride of Ohio
  • Number: 9780692586068
  • Release: 2016-01-10
  • Author: Debra Parmley
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical
  • Publisher: Belo Dia Publishing
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Isabella: Bride of Ohio, by Debra Parmley and Robert Arrow, is book 17 in the unprecedented 50-book American Mail-Order Brides series. Isabella, newly arrived in America from Sweden, first loses her parents and then her job at the factory after it burns down. Nothing in American seems to last but she hopes her mail order bride marriage to the handsome and wealthy Donald Jenks will. Donald’s letters from Ohio describe Isabella’s dream home, away from the city and he sounds as if he would be the perfect husband. But as her grandmother always said, trouble comes in threes and there is danger standing between her and her happy ever after with her true love. Tom, a Pinkerton agent, who is on the case of disappearing women, is traveling on the same train as Isabella when she is selected by white lavers to be the next female victim to be abducted. Will he save her in time? Will Isabella reach Ohio safely, marry Donald and have the happy ever after she has always dreamed of? And is Donald the man Isabella is meant to marry? Why would such a handsome and successful businessman have to send away for a mail order bride when he could have his pick of the young ladies near Yellow Springs, Ohio?

Dangerous Ties

Dangerous Ties
  • Number: B0078WTKN6
  • Release: 2012-02-13
  • Author: Debra Parmley
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical, Western
  • Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc
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Lillian's fiance convinces the townsfolk to exchange their gold for his worthless bank notes. When he disappears, every eye turns to Lillian. Even her cousin Carl insists she knows where the gold is. Carl is deeply indebted to Kingston, owner of the saloon and small town criminal. When Nick discovers Lillian she's strung up over a mine shaft and the rope is breaking. He saves her, tends to her wounds and teaches her to shoot. When his horse trading deal with Kingston goes bad, Lillian races to save Nick.

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