Author: Deborah Schneider

With a degree to teach American History, I've always been drawn to the stories of how people lived in the past. I fulfilled a dream to move to the West over thirty years ago, and even though I'm far away from friends and family, I love the landscape of mountains, rivers and Puget Sound in the place I now call home.

My first book, "Beneath a Silver Moon" was published as part of the New Historical Voice contest sponsored by Dorchester Publishing and Romantic Times Book Reviews magazine. My heroine won the coveted, "Unsinkable Heroine Award" from the Denver Chapter of Romance Writer's of America.

My most recent release, "Promise Me" is about never giving up on your dreams. It's so personal to me because of all the rejections I received after selling my first book. And it's dedicated to my son, Garth, because he taught me more about strength and perseverance than anyone else on earth. I've learned it's not about living for the good times, but learning to survive and get through the hard ones that will enrich your life.

Those are the stories I write, about hopes and dreams and forging through, even when your heart is breaking, because you know there will eventually be a happy ending if you work hard and never give up.

I work for the busiest library system in the United States, arranging programs and author events. In 2009 I was named "Librarian of the Year" by Romance Writers of America.

"Promise Me" received the EPIC Award in 2010 for Best Western Romance.