Author: Dean Ocean

DEAN OCEAN lives in Southern Idaho where his day job has him training dogs in advanced obedience and competitive sports. He lives with five very strange dogs and a one-eyed cat named Hawkeye. Burdened with an overactive imagination, Dean began writing and telling stories at an early age, and studying creative writing at the University of Idaho was a natural extension of that. Dean grew up a tough farm kid on the family farm and at local rodeos. He suffers from an inescapable Peter Pan complex and a love for the outdoors. When not writing or training dogs, he can be found hiking in the mountains and foothills around his home.


Holbrook Academy

Holbrook Academy
  • Number: B00971EOCI
  • Release: 2012-09-06
  • Author: Dean Ocean
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Romance: Historical, GLBTQ+
  • Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
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Growing up is hard. Growing up in a society that silences anyone different is next to impossible. In 1925, the quiet, artistic Paul Blakely is turning seventeen and still hasn’t figured out what he wants to do with his life. His childhood at the prestigious Holbrook Academy is drawing to an end. Together with his friends Freddie and Emmett, he struggles to fly under the radar of schoolyard bullies who target them because they don’t fit in. Paul coasts through life a constant observer, never taking part—until he meets William Coleridge II.

Bold, good-looking, reckless Will is the only son of a hero from the Great War. In other words, he’s everything Paul is not, so when he tries to make friends, Paul is suspicious… but Paul can’t hold out against Will’s charm forever. As they grow closer, Paul finds himself discovering who he is, what he stands for, the meaning of friendship, and the true power of love. Knowing Will helps Paul answer questions about himself he didn’t know how to ask, but can he trust his heart to someone so impulsive?

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