Author: Dawn Kunda

As a former private investigator with a BS in political science, attendance at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, and working with the government through USPS, Dawn Kunda has reopened her legal books to create suspense in her writing. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Wisconsin Regional Writers’ Association. When she’s not writing, Dawn also enjoys tending her acre plus walking garden of perennials and a self-made waterfall and pond, along with biking, and running, and cross-country skiing in the lengthy northern winters. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and three dogs, of which two are adopted.


Court of Lies

Court of Lies
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  • Author: Dawn Kunda
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[BookStrand Romantic Suspense]

Brooke's attempt to start a new life is shot to pieces as her ex-husband lurks around every corner of change. An advancement in her career begins with a contract offered by the charismatic Scott Marshall who also wants to contract her heart.

Her plans are shattered as a bullet rips through her shoulder.

Falsified evidence and twisted statements infiltrate the courtroom as a case of attempted murder multiplies its victims. Brooke's psychic friend furtively supplies clues to the detectives as they work against the corrupt local police force.

Brooke's conscious filters the evidence as she attempts to clarify her relationship with Scott Marshall and the possible manipulations of her ex-husband.

Both men have motive and opportunity and are suspects in her attempted murder.

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