Author: David Myles Robinson

David Myles Robinson was born in Los Angeles, California in 1950. He went to Blair High in Pasadena and then attended San Francisco State College, Cal State Los Angeles, University of Hawaii, and San Francisco State University respectively. He obtained a J.D. from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 1975. It was there that Robinson met his wife, Marcia Waldorf. The two moved to Hawaii to practice law in 1975. Waldorf retired as a Honolulu Circuit Court Judge in 2006 and Robinson retired from his private practice of law in 2010. They have traveled extensively around the world, having been to all seven continents and sub-Saharan Africa nine times. Robinson's non-writing passions are golfing and skiing and the two reside in Taos, New Mexico. Robinson has always wanted to write. He was editor of the school paper in high school and while in college he worked as a staff journalist for the Pasadena Eagle, a weekly minority newspaper. He completed his first novel about twenty years ago, but he shelved it after deciding that the writing was too stilted by too many years of writing legalese. Unplayable Lie and Tropical Lies are the first two novels Robinson has published since his retirement. His third novel, Tropical Judgments, is also a Pancho McMartin legal thriller set in Honolulu.