Author: David Hair

David Hair is the New Zealand-based author of three ongoing fantasy series.

The Aotearoa Series is a YA series set in New Zealand, featuring: The Bone Tiki, winner of Best First Novel (Young Adult Fiction section) at the 2010 NZ Post Children's Book Awards, and four sequels The Taniwha's Tear, The Lost Tohunga, Justice and Utu, and Ghosts of Parihaka. A sixth and final book in the series, Magic and Makutu, will be released in March 2014.

The Return of Ravana is a YA series set in India. Pyre of Queens, Swayamvara (internationally titled The Ghost Bride), Souls in Exile and King of Lanka have been released in India in 2011-12, and later in New Zealand and elsewhere.

A series for the adult fantasy market, The Moontide Quartet, commenced in late 2012 with Moontide 1: Mage’s Blood. Mage's Blood received excellent critical reviews, including making one prominent review site's Top 10 for 2012, and on it's release in 2013 in the US, was rated one of the top SFF books of 2013 by Amazon. The second book, Scarlet Tides, is now on release.

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