Author: Darla Luke

Darla Luke writes Romance Suspense stories about Bad-Ass, Kick-butt Women and the men who would die for them. She has seven completed manuscripts and is working on number eight, the second in a trilogy. Her last completed manuscript, HUNTER'S REVENGE finaled in PASICs Book of Your Heart contest two years in a row, Mainstream category.

In her spare time, Darla enjoys kayaking and riding her motorcycle with hubby of twenty five years. After growing up in the concrete jungle of Southern California, she's living her dream on the family farm in the beautiful mid-Willamette Valley, with hubby of 25 years, two grown children, two cats who are more like children then pets, and one sweet mutt who *thinks* she's a lap dog.


All of You - A Sellwood Novella Book 2

All of You
  • Number: B017G8M6K0
  • Release: 2015-10-31
  • Author: Darla Luke
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Four Wings Publishing
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Visiting her grandmother in the city turns out to be anything but routine. After a childhood spent always on the move, Mia Belden longs for stability and a ranch of her own where she can grow deep roots. Getting away from a persistent ex-boyfriend, she sets out for a long-overdue visit with the woman who raised her. But when she arrives in Sellwood, Oregon she discovers Grams has secrets: A dusty antique shop, the father who abandoned her as a baby, and the biggest shock of all—Grams’ uber-sexy neighbor, Dr. Nashville Anderson, who makes her re-think her solitary life in the country.

Nash Anderson’s life is in perfect alignment. His budding chiropractic practice in Sellwood is starting to take off and although marriage and family may be in the cards eventually, his five year plan comes first. Until the fascinating granddaughter of his landlady arrives. Mia is independent, outspoken and easy to be around. And he wonders if his plan needs a major adjustment.

Girl Most Likely To

Girl Most Likely To
  • Number: B00CGSM0LQ
  • Release: 2013-11-24
  • Authors: Darla Luke, Nancy Brophy, Susan Lute, Jessie Smith, Linda Kaye
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Collections & Anthologies
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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Five Friends. Five Yearbook Predictions. Twelve years. Was it Destiny? Or the last act of girls ready to take on the world?

As thirty approaches so does their Thirty-Years-Old-and-Made-It Reunion Party. Who will have conquered New York? Become a CEO? Be married with a bunch of kids? Which girl will have nailed the lucky Charley Vargas? Is Prince William safe? Because someone is supposed to marry a prince.

It’s the midnight hour and the scramble is on. Not one of them wants to admit her life hasn't turned out the way she expected. Maybe reaching thirty and living up to friends’ predictions is not all it’s cracked up to be.

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