Author: Darcy Sweet

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Uno Due Tres Quattro

Uno Due Tres Quattro
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  • Author: Darcy Sweet
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance
  • Publisher: Excessica Publishing
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Length: Novelette (24,177 words)

Category: Short Story Collection
Firebolt Level: 4
Excess Level: 3
Ending: HFN
A delicious anthology of nine erotic short stories about singles, duos, trios and foursomes. Tantalizing liaisons designed to make you squirm. This hot collection features wicked tales of ménage, lesbian encounters, homoerotic voyeurism, spanking, domination and exhibitionism.
· Uno
1. The Soldier's Wife - a wife alone plays for the camera.
2. A Day to Myself - the accidental discovery of Gay Porn gives a married woman a whole new kink.
· Due
3. A Friend in Need - when Lara's best friend asks for her help she discovers more than she bargained for.
4. The Private Tutor - a spoiled piano student learns a lesson for life when disciplined by his tutor.
5. Happy Birthday Baby - a nighttime encounter with a Cop on a deserted country road turns into the best birthday ever.
· Tre
6. Dirty Train Girl - dirty fantasies come to life on the 5.45 p.m. Train from Linley Station.
7. Quid Pro Quo - a jealous wife doles out a little quid pro quo.
· Quattro
8. Simon Says - a game of Simon Says pushes the sexual boundaries of two couples.
9. Revelations in the Dark - voyeuristic play ends in some serious sexual revelations for a Lila and Brent.
Warnings: This title contains ménage, f/f sex, m/m sex, m/m/f sex, voyeurism, anal sex, non-consensual sex play, spanking and discipline.

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