Author: Danielle Van Bakel

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The Fantastic Floating Feast - Alpha-Mania Adventures, #3 / An Alliteration Book

The Fantastic Floating Feast
  • Number: 9780994763761
  • Release: 2016-09-26
  • Author: Danielle Van Bakel
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Kids: Children's
  • Publisher: Ruth Rumack's Learning Space Inc.
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In this book, Captain Ray and his band of plucky pirates have returned to Letter Lagoon with treasure, and they invite the Alpha-Maniacs to their ship to celebrate with a fantastic feast! Once on board, the kids quickly determine that their pirate friends no longer speak in rhyme, but rather in alliterative phrases. After much merriment and fabulous food, the gang realizes that the ship has accidentally set sail. The Alpha-Maniacs must help the bumbling pirate crew right their ship and return to Letter Lagoon before nightfall.

Every Alpha-Mania Adventures book includes: An introduction to phonological awareness and tips to use the book to its maximum benefit An exciting story that will charm young audiences A Find the Hidden Objects phonics activity embedded in the illustrations Bonus Activities related to phonological awareness, phonics, and/or letter formation Easy-to-use guides on Letter Sounds and/or Letter Formation

Join the Alpha-Maniacs on their third of five phonological pirate adventures with The Fantastic Floating Feast!

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