Author: Danielle D. Smith

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Psyche's Gate

Psyche's Gate
  • Number: B00CT5RWAU
  • Release: 2010-03-15
  • Author: Danielle D. Smith
  • Genre: Romance
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  • Publisher: Liquid Silver Publishing
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Alexius is a powerful warrior angel, once one of the highest ranking soldiers in the Army of Heaven. Brutally stripped of his wings and condemned to unendingly roam the earth, he suddenly finds himself offered a chance at redemption. Psyche is a young visual artist struggling to jumpstart her painting career. Immensely talented but penniless and alone, Psyche is ready to give up all hope of artistic success until she receives word of a wealthy patron willing to offer her the commission of a lifetime. Little does she know that her mysterious benefactor is an ancient and evil being planning to use her creative power for his own wicked means. Alexius must stop this talented human from creating an opus for a demon, even if that means killing her himself. But when the paths of celestial warrior and mortal maid cross, Alexius realizes that he cannot go through with his task. Instead, he will do all in his power to keep Psyche from harm. But a romance between angel and human is forbidden, and their actions will impact not only their own destiny, but the fate of all Creation....

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