Author: Daniel Haight

Daniel Haight is a long-time author of numerous published short stories and now a new novel “Flotilla.” Since 2007, Dan Haight has been published by many fiction sites and is known for his blend of dark humor and crackling narrative. As a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Dan first fell in love with science-fiction watching Star Wars and Star Trek before moving onto the other classics of the genre. He lives with his family and when he isn’t writing, he works as a lowly IT guy in a large computer company (which we won’t name because they threatened us).


Flotilla - Flotilla Series #1

  • Number: B006DTYYK4
  • Release: 2011-11-24
  • Author: Daniel Haight
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Science Fiction
  • Publisher: Daniel Haight
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Flotilla is a contemporary adventure fiction novel about a world that will soon exist on the ocean. Jim is thrown from rehab into a seasteading community filled with strange and dangerous characters. When a terrorist attack hits nearby Los Angeles, will he be able to rise above his past to save himself and his sister?

Flotilla includes a mix of adventure and science fiction that Fans of Blade Runner, Firefly and Star Wars will love. Fans of Neuromancer, Snow Crash and Neverwhere will latch onto the science fiction, the characters and the rich texture of Flotilla's universe.

Technically accurate, emotionally honest - Flotilla is pulling fans in from all over the world.

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