Author: Dani Irons

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Olivia Christakos and Her Second First Time

Olivia Christakos and Her Second First Time
  • Number: 9781426899911
  • Release: 2015-06-01
  • Author: Dani Irons
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, New Adult & College
  • Publisher: Carina Press
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After losing her memory due to a drunken accident, twenty-year-old Olivia is sitting in a hospital bed, horrified to learn that the Cub Scout leader who’s sitting by her is actually her boyfriend of five years. How could anyone be in love with someone who wears knee-high wool socks?

Even though everyone around her seems to love and support her, something feels off. Her room at her parents’ house is bare like she hasn’t visited in years. Everyone’s answers to her questions seem rehearsed. Then there’s Wyatt the Cub Scout who doesn’t seem to fit into her old life of fashion, parties, and college.

When Olivia spends more time with Wyatt to scope him out, she discovers he’s an amazing person. He volunteers his time at soup kitchens, delivers food to the hungry, and even volunteers as a Big Brother. But one night at a club changes her opinion of him. A close friend of Wyatt’s tries to convince Olivia that the relationship is a lie. According to him, they’ve never dated and Wyatt is only pretending as a favor to her family because she was an irresponsible drunk in an abusive relationship. Everyone in her life is taking advantage of her memory loss to right all her wrongs.

Olivia isn’t sure who to believe, but if she doesn’t figure it out soon, she might lose her heart to someone who doesn’t deserve it. The further she digs to find the truth, however, the more she doesn’t like: she bullied Wyatt in school, acted as a leech on the small profits from the family business, disowned her parents for not paying her tuition, and was apparently pregnant at one time.

Olivia doesn’t know what’s worse: living in the darkness of amnesia or discovering the despicable person she once was. She’s determined to figure out everything and fix things, but it’s impossible without her memory and no one to trust—especially Wyatt, who may be the biggest liar of all.

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