Author: Dane Waters

Dane Waters never had the urge to write until a recurring dream in 2007 kept her up at night and had her falling asleep at her desk during the day. Her sister; well-known romance author Qwillia Rain, gave her excellent advice. “Write it down. Get it out of your head and you'll be fine”. Dane did just that and was rewarded with a good night's sleep. It was also her last. That one story sparked a slew of others until her husband decided if he was ever going to see his wife again something had to go, the writing or the day job. In 2011 they sold everything, packed up their two Chihuahua's, and hit the road. They traveled through seven states in four months before finding a little place in the woods outside of La Pine, Oregon. That's where Dane is now, writing to her heart's content as her husband keeps the wood stove filled and takes her computer off her lap when she falls asleep in her chair.