Author: Dana Fiduccia

Dana Fiduccia’s education includes a BA in Psychology from Cal State University at Fullerton, a teaching credential from Chapman College, and an MA in Education from the University of San Francisco. He taught science for the last fifteen years of his thirty year career. His retirement allowed him to move to Baja California, Mexico, where he resided for eleven years.

A year after moving to Las Vegas in 2009, he began writing a science fiction manuscript, which BookStrand Publishing released in November 2011. Incidents at Balboa, a science fiction romance, is his first book. Dana Fiduccia aka Don Fiduccia is also a musician and songwriter.


Incidents at Balboa

Incidents at Balboa
  • Number: B006J7L6BA
  • Release: 2011-12-07
  • Author: Dana Fiduccia
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR
  • Publisher: Siren Publishing
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Incidents at Balboa, a science fiction romance novel, weaves a story about how two people's lives entangle in a web of unforeseen circumstances that seem coincidental. Laura Garcia, a thirty-nine-year-old woman, works as a nurse of pediatric oncology. She experiences a significant time loss incident one night while walking alone on the Balboa Pier. Laura meets Michael Cello, a retired science teacher and writer. He finds her beauty and intelligence captivating, so he starts courting her. She discovers through Michael's involvement and interest in her that she has healing powers. Michael persuades her into healing terminally ill children on her hospital ward. Michael meets Laura's mother, Victoria, and develops an intuitive feeling that Laura, Victoria, and he interconnect in some mysterious way. While Michael searches for the truth about his intuition, he and Laura encounter romance, self-doubt, and unexpected outcomes in their adventures together.

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