D R Rosensteel

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Author: D R Rosensteel

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Live and Let Psi

Live and Let Psi
  • Stars
  • Number: B01HB7GHB0
  • Release: 2016-07-11
  • Author: D R Rosensteel
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Contemporary, * Young Adult
  • Publisher: Entangled Teen
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Sixteen-year-old Rinnie Noelle is called into action again as the crime rate suddenly accelerates in Greensburg. Nicolaitan, the man who murdered Rinnie's parents, makes it clear that he wants Rinnie, and will go on a murder spree until she gives herself up. Rinnie's friends and teachers disappear in a bizarre game of riddles where fresh cemetery plots and poetic clues point to the next victim. Her rescue missions expose Rinnie to the horrors of the mysterious LaReau Mansion, and the secrets of the haunted Livermore Burial Grounds.

Between keeping the Dweeb League from getting themselves killed, dealing with a new Psi Fighter who gives her attitude, and trying to figure out who Nicolaitan's next victim is before it's too late, Rinnie learns that the stakes are higher than she is ready to deal with. Nicolaitan has declared war. He is using a mind-control drug to manipulate high school students, using them as puppets to carry out his crimes, and he doesn't care who becomes collateral damage in the process.

In a climactic showdown, the Psi Fighters are badly outnumbered by Walpurgis Knights when they face off for the first time in a decade. Even if the Knights lose, someone Rinnie loves may die in battle. But if the Knights win, Rinnie will be shot full of the mind control drug Psychedone 10, and forced to become Nicolaitan's slave.

Psi Another Day - Psi Fighter Academy, #1

Psi Another Day
  • Number: 9781622660438
  • Release: 2014-05-06
  • Author: D R Rosensteel
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, * Supernatural, * SF: Science Fiction
  • Publisher: Entangled Teen
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By day, I’m just another high school girl who likes lip gloss. But by night I’m a Psi Fighter—a secret guardian with a decade of training in the Mental Arts. And I’m about to test those skills in my first battle against evil.


When I was six, the Walpurgis Knights, our deadliest enemy, murdered my parents. The Psi Fighters put me into hiding, and all traces of my existence evaporated. Then I went through the most accelerated Psi Fighter training possible. And now I go to your school.


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