Author: D. M. Quincy

D.M. Quincy grew up as a U.S. Foreign Service brat, which means she spent most of her childhood roaming the world, primarily in less developed countries. That’s probably why the protagonist in her Atlas Catesby mystery series travels to far-flung places as often as he can.

While D.M. adored visiting fascinating destinations like Bolivia, Peru, Laos, Pakistan and India, returning home to the United States was always such a treat. The shopping mall! Neat, organized, fully stocked grocery stores! Junk food! Television in English! You get the picture.

After college, D.M. became a television journalist. She covered dozens of crimes, including violent unsolved murders that stayed with her for years afterwards. She’s pretty sure that had something to do with her decision to write her own stories in which a brilliant amateur detective always gets the bad guy (or girl), thus making sure that justice is always served.

When she isn’t hunched over her laptop researching ways for her villains to kill people, D.M. reads, spends time with her family, devours foreign television mystery series on Netflix, and plots her next travel adventure.