Author: D. J. Niko

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The Judgment

The Judgment
  • Number: 9781942546221
  • Release: 2016-05-10
  • Author: D. J. Niko
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Historical Fiction
  • Publisher: Medallion Press
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965 BCE

Upon the death of his father, Solomon has been appointed king of the united monarchy of Israel and Judah and charged with building the Temple of the Lord in Jerusalem. He travels to Egypt to negotiate with Pharaoh Psusennes II for gold for the temple and to improve relations between the two nations. There he falls in love with the pharaoh’s beautiful daughter, Nicaule, and the two kings agree to an arranged marriage. Against her will, for she loves another, Nicaule follows her new husband to Israel.

Forty years later, Solomon’s empire is on the verge of collapse. Power has made him arrogant, permissive, and blind to the scheming of his wife and one of his lieutenants to topple the united monarchy. As the king’s faith falters and his people’s morals collapse, enemies gather at the gates of Israel. A visit from a mysterious queen restores Solomon’s perspective in time to save his soul?but it is too late to preserve his kingdom.

Someone who once was loyal to King Solomon has come back to claim the crown of Israel?and tear Solomon’s empire asunder.

SPICY: Contains actual love scenes and may include detailed descriptions of foreplay and consummation.

The Tenth Saint: Book One - Sarah Weston Chronicles, #1

The Tenth Saint: Book One
  • Number: 9781605422459
  • Release: 2012-01-25
  • Author: D. J. Niko
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Horror, Historical Fiction, Suspense: Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: Medallion Press
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Cambridge archaeologist Sarah Weston makes an unusual discovery in the ancient Ethiopian mountain kingdom of Aksum?a sealed tomb with inscriptions in an obscure dialect. Along with her colleague, American anthropologist Daniel Madigan, she tries to identify the entombed man and translate the inscriptions. Tracking down clues in Addis Ababa and the monasteries of Lalibela, Sarah and Daniel uncover a codex in the subterranean library revealing the secret of the tomb?a set of prophecies about Earth’s final hours, written by a man hailed by Ethiopian mystics as Coptic Christianity’s 10th saint. Faced with violent opposition and left for dead in the heart of the Simien Mountains, Sarah and Daniel survive to journey to Paris, where they’re given a 14th-century letter describing the catastrophic events that will lead to the planet’s demise. Connecting the two discoveries, Sarah faces a deadly conspiracy to keep the secret buried in order to promote technological advances presently leading toward the prophesied end of the Earth.

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