Author: D. Harlan Wilson

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Codename Prague - Book 2 in the Scikungfi Trilogy

Codename Prague
  • Number: 9781935738053
  • Release: Out Now
  • Author: D. Harlan Wilson
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Science Fiction
  • Publisher: Raw Dog Screaming Press
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Since he assassinated the Nowhere Man, Vincent Prague hasn't been the same, haunted by the ontological impossibility of the kill. His celebrity status has skyrocketed, however, and everybody wants a piece of him. The MAP (Ministry of Applied Pressure) promotes him to Anvil-in-Chief, the catbird's seat of special agents. Under the so-stupid-it's-genius alias of "Vincent 'Codename' Prague," he works a case that leads him to the Former Czech Republik's Prague, a dark cirque du city where androids run wild, femme fatales chronically manhandle him, and a mad chef named Doktor Teufelsdröckh has created a Hitler/Keats/Daikaiju hybrid that would make Frankenstein's monster sing like a Von Trapp ... In an overtechnologized world of constant reckoning, all Vincent has are his wits, his weapons, and a briefcase full of replaceable extremities to crack a mysterious code that, he soon discovers, resides within himself.

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