Author: D. Dominik Wickles

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Hong Kong Treasure - An International Romance

Hong Kong Treasure
  • Number: B00U733CBY
  • Release: 2015-03-02
  • Author: D. Dominik Wickles
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Diverse Books
  • Publisher: Breathless Books
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Can a typhoon stop one woman’s conquest to marry a rich Asian actor out of greed?

Deshi Han, Hong Kong’s biggest martial arts actor and director has a heart of gold. When he rescues a woman with amnesia, he thinks he’s doing her a favor by providing stability while she recovers her memory. Despite his hectic lifestyle, he finds himself letting her into his world until he cannot fathom a life without his Annie.

His dark eyes drank in every inch of her body. She wished it was just the two of them, dancing in his bedroom where they could...

Unable to recall even her own name, Annie, as she’s named by famous Asian actor Deshi Han, accepts his kindness and stays with him while she recovers her health and memory. Fascinated with his life and her new family, she finds international romance in China when the handsome actor offers to comfort her after nightmares give rise to fears that a stranger is watching.

What would happen when her memory returned? Would he send her away? Would he make love to her if he would be sending her away soon? Did it really mean so little to him? Did she?

When Annie’s health becomes questionable and she tells Deshi she’s afraid that someone from her past is watching her, things unravel between the actor and his American princess until he discovers her gone from his bed, confirming his worst fears. Will he be able to protect Annie from the danger lurking in his immediate camp and claim her as his Hong Kong treasure?

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