Author: Craig Odanovich

Steven Craig Odanovich grew up in Flour Bluff, Texas, only minutesfrom the beaches of Padre Island. His creative roots are firmly grounded in the muscle car culture of the seventies. As a young music business entrepreneur, Odanovich launched a successful record store at a time when neighborhood record stores were still a prime point of connection between popular music and the public. His genuine affinity for the music and the fans helped Craig's Record Factory build huge customer loyalty, keeping regional and national competition at bay.

Rising to the executive level in the video and home entertainment division of H-E-B, a regional grocery and retail chain, Odanovich led growth for the company in an emerging market space. Later, applying his leadership abilities and insight to other highly competitive business arenas, he built value and increased market share for each of the companies he subsequently served, both in executive posts and as a key consultant.

Through his many stages of career evolution, Odanovich has maintained a constant interest in popular music and film. Three decades of avidly collecting music and seeing movies has provided a wellspring of inspiration for the author. Odanovich currently pursues his writing career in San Antonio, Texas. He and his wife Cathie have four children.