Author: Corey Sondrup

Author of Blood Amalgam; Book 1 of the Crimson Chronicles, released July, 2012.

I am currently working on Book 2, Blood Frenzy, due out winter, 2012.

Author of two self help/personal growth books: Mastering Life's Lessons (2012) and Reclaiming Your Power (2008)

When I am not writing, I play doctor in real life. I have been a chiropractor, nutritionist and energy healer for the last 16 years in Ogden and Sugarhouse, Utah.


Blood Amalgam - Crimson Chonicles #1

Blood Amalgam
  • Number: B008OIWK12
  • Release: 2012-07-23
  • Author: Corey Sondrup
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal, Supernatural
  • Publisher: Corey Sondrup
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“Times up skinwalker.”

What if you woke up one day and found out the life you had been living was a dream and the people in your life weren’t who you thought they were?

What if you found out you were something other than what you thought you were?

Twenty-one year old, Wyatt Harrison was perfectly content spending his nights partying with his fraternity brothers while trying to juggle school and his psycho- girlfriend. Fate decided it was time for Wyatt to wake up.

Wyatt’s world is suddenly turned upside down when he discovers that wild animals would rather love him then eat him, his sister communicates with him from the dead, he discovers he has the power to regenerate his body as he walks away from an auto accident that killed five of his fraternity brothers. And to make matters worse, he has a new craving that neither food nor drink will satisfy.

With the help of his college professor, a mysterious, new girlfriend and a loving grandfather full of family secrets, Wyatt finds himself running from the beings trying to kill him and from the ones that have found better uses for his blood other than just food.

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