Author: Cora Brent

Cora Brent was born in a cold climate and escaped as soon as it was legally possible. Now, she lives in the desert with her husband, two kids and a prickly pear cactus she has affectionately named ‘Spot’. Cora’s closet is filled with boxes of unfinished stories that date back her 1980’s childhood and all her life she has dreamed of being an author. Amazingly, she is now a New York Times and USA Today bestselling writer of contemporary romance and begs not to be awakened from this dream.


Nailed - Worked Up Book 2

  • Number: B075WQ1CL1
  • Release: 2018-03-13
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Montlake Romance
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A scorching workplace romance proves hazardous in this new stand-alone from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cora Brent.

As a project manager at a successful construction firm, Audrey Gordon is used to grueling eighty-hour workweeks. That’s what it takes to be the best in this business, especially when you’re a woman. But what happens when Audrey is assigned to the biggest project in the city? She’s forced to team up with former lover and office rival Jason Roma. Not only is Jason as cocky and hot-wired as ever, he still manages to get under Audrey’s skin in ways she has spent years trying to forget. Yet Jason is determined to rekindle the past. And this time the lines between work and passion might be permanently blurred.

Turn - Gentry Generations

  • Number: B078YCMNZG
  • Release: 2018-01-10
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, New Adult & College, Series: Stands Alone
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
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**A stand alone 'opposites attract' story!**


I’m determined to leave my mistakes in the past.

These days I’m back in school, I’m surrounded by my wonderful, crazy family and I’m working for my dad.

Then Curtis Mulligan happens.

A supposedly reformed gang member from the rundown prison town where my folks grew up, Curtis looks like he was built for mayhem.

We have nothing in common.

If he hadn’t taken a job working for my father, our paths wouldn’t even cross.

But I can’t admit that menacing mix of ink and muscle has flipped a switch inside of me.

It’s an impulse I’m determined to ignore.

However, when Curtis turns out to be much more than he seems and steps between me and a bad situation, I wind up owing him a hell of a favor.

And I can’t think of anything but paying him back…


I should have been dead a dozen times over but somehow I’m still here.

I’m grateful for the chance to keep my head down and act like a regular citizen. Screwing up isn’t an option and getting naked with the boss’s daughter is no way to thank the man for a job.

Besides, sweet, clueless Cassie Gentry isn’t the kind of girl I’m used to entertaining myself with. I had planned to keep my hands off even if she begged for it.

But that was before I realized Cassie is much more than a pretty face.

She just might be the girl who can turn me around for good...

*TURN is the latest book set in the Gentry world from USA Today and NYT Bestselling author Cora Brent. May be read as a stand alone.*

Fired - Worked Up Book 1

  • Number: B06XWSWWQR
  • Release: 2017-10-31
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Montlake Romance
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In this fiery series debut from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cora Brent, a workplace romance might prove too hot to handle.

Still reeling from a nasty divorce, Melanie Cruz’s pride takes another beating when she loses her enviable job at an upscale resort. After a flurry of unsuccessful interviews, she finally—desperately—accepts a job managing a small chain of family-owned pizzerias in a quaint downtown Phoenix neighborhood. The job also comes with Dominic Esposito, her overbearing but ridiculously handsome boss. Falling for him might be the last thing she expects, but maybe it’s the one thing she needs.

As hard as they try to resist, Melanie and Dominic embark on a romance as hot as a brick oven, and Melanie has every reason to believe that maybe, this time, she’s finally found “the one.”

But Dominic has a secret—one even his family doesn’t know. And the scandal could threaten everything he and Melanie have worked for…in business and in love.

Strike - Gentry Generations, #1

  • Number: B074ZHCQSK
  • Release: 2017-08-20
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, New Adult & College
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
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A summer job.

That’s all it was supposed to be.

It never crossed my mind that I was about to collide with a man who would obliterate every plan I ever made.

My mother has always warned me that love is like a lightning bolt and it strikes without warning. But I had no intention of getting struck by either lightning or love anytime soon. I’d be too busy finishing my journalism degree and landing a job in a city far more sophisticated than Phoenix.

There was certainly nothing in the cards about getting involved with an ex-ballplayer turned nightclub boss.

He was too old for me, too complicated, too distracting.

On the surface we had almost nothing in common except the draw of an overpowering physical connection.

The seasonal job at a local resort was going to be temporary.

He was going to be temporary.

But insufferably sexy, arrogant Dalton Tremaine has other ideas.

And the harder I fall for him the more I can’t find a good reason to resist giving him everything he wants…

*STRIKE is the first book in a brand new sexy spinoff series from NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Cora Brent. No cliffhanger! May be read as a stand alone.


  • Number: B06Y1ZRJ52
  • Release: 2017-04-04
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, * Romance: Sports
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
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Hooking up with your insanely hot ex-husband is NEVER a good idea.

Especially if you hate his guts.

Yet I can't seem to help myself.

Here's the story:

A long time ago, in a small town I’ve tried to forget…

I married the charismatic all-American king of high school.

He was sexy and charming.

I was shy and infatuated.

We were both eighteen.

Of course we did not live happily ever after.

We did the opposite.

You thought that was the end?

So did I.

Seven years later and without warning, Branson Hickey is back in my life.

Many things have changed and a few things haven’t.

I still want him. I still can’t stand him. I still think about him all the time, even after everything we did to each other.

I’ve long wondered if I’d ever fall in love again.

Now I wonder if I ever really stopped loving him.

**HICKEY is a stand alone second chance romance with no cliffhanger, no cheating and where NOT everything is as it seems. By USA Today and NYT Bestselling author Cora Brent.**

SNOW - A Gentry Boys Christmas Story

  • Number: B01N2Q86WN
  • Release: 2016-12-03
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Seasonal / Holiday, New Adult & College
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
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*Catch up with those lovable alphas THE GENTRY BOYS just in time for Christmas in this sweet, sexy holiday novella!*

With December 25th fast approaching, brothers Stone and Conway Gentry have a lot more than holiday festivities to keep them busy.

There’s newlywed life to adjust to, a business to run, a baby arriving any minute and to top it off, an unusual forecast of snow threatens to cover the desert for the first time in decades.

Plus when ghosts of the past threaten everything they’ve built, the brothers find their close bond and their dreams of the future tested yet again.

Luckily the rest of the loyal Gentry Boys always have their backs.

Stay tuned because this season there may be more than one Christmas miracle on the way….

Want to start at the beginning? Don't miss every sizzling stand alone story!

EDGE - Gentry Boys, #7

  • Number: B01KSZ4Y0I
  • Release: 2016-08-21
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, New Adult & College, Series: Stands Alone
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
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It was him. Conway Gentry.

The boy I’d known years ago – the one who’d loved my best friend and was left shattered by her death – was now a macho adrenaline junkie, an arrogant, womanizing hustler.

There was not a single good reason on this earth to fall for him.

But no one told my heart that.


She didn’t seem like my type.

Snobby, boringly mainstream and above all, tied to a part of my past I’d kill to forget, I should have just had my fun with her and moved on.

Instead I kept coming back. I couldn’t help it.

I’ve known for a long time that if you live fast you crash hard.

But I also know that’s nothing compared to what love can do to you.

*EDGE is the newest addition to the steamy, bestselling Gentry Boys series but may be read as a stand alone.*

WALK - Gentry Boys, #6

  • Number: B01G264272
  • Release: 2016-05-22
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, New Adult & College, Series: Stands Alone
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
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“I saw him for who he was; not just some tortured ex-con trying to beat back his demons and figure out his place in the world. Stone Gentry was sexy, complex, damaged, mysterious. He was a man I could fall for …if he let me.”

1513 …The number of single lines you carefully scratched on a piece of notebook paper at each sunrise.

1513…The number of days you passed in a locked cage, surrounded by fierce men who did things even worse than what you did.

1513…The number of nights spent staring at the ceiling, praying for just five minutes of freedom to talk to your brother. The brother you love more than anyone on earth. The brother who hates you even more than he hates himself.

1…The number of moments it took for a tragedy to unfold and change lives, end lives, destroy lives.

1…The number that represents isolation, a loneliness worse than any prison sentence.

1…The number of girls who show up in your life and try to crack through the iron shield you’ve built around your heart these past four years.

One girl and her name is Evie. Beautiful. Stubborn. Passionate.

You know that if you had any honor you wouldn’t take her.

But honor is something you lost a long time ago.

CROSS - A Gentry Boys Novella

  • Number: B01FD1Q27U
  • Release: 2016-05-08
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, New Adult & College
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
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"The pause between heartbeats can change everything. Everything."

Two brothers…

And the girl next door.

A betrayal that severed the bonds of blood and loyalty.

A tragedy that ended one life and shattered the rest.

Everyone thought that because they knew how it ended they also knew how it started.

They didn’t.

And neither do you.

Warning: This one is not like the other stories. This one will hurt.

But in this story-as it is so often in life-nothing is as it seems at first.

CROSS is a novella in the Gentry Boys series from NYT and USA Today bestselling author Cora Brent.

HOLD - Gentry Boys, #5

  • Number: B01B2522IE
  • Release: 2016-01-24
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, New Adult & College, Series: Stands Alone
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
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They all said we were trash and would end up dead or in prison.

They were wrong.

The three of us brothers endured hell together and somehow climbed out battle-scarred but whole.

We are no longer the ferocious boys who punched our way through terrible days and went to bed hungry every night.

Now we’ve got love, we’ve got hope, and we’ve got each other.

But in order to hold on to everything that matters, we’ll need to confront the vicious demons of the past…one last time.

**Even if you've never met the Gentry Boys before, you can start right here! Also, don't forget to check out the next generation of Gentrys; WALK and CROSS are now available.**

Born Savages

Born Savages
  • Number: B0166A6K88
  • Release: 2015-10-04
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, New Adult & College
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
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Once the Savages were national darlings, Hollywood royalty.

But that was a long time ago.

Now we are scattered and ruined, nothing but a cautionary tale and tabloid fodder.

We've been offered a chance to redeem ourselves.

All we have to do is open the door and let the cameras in.

I know our sh*t will be laid bare. Yet I can't say no to family.

There's another complication as well.

Oscar Savage.

Sexy, volatile, and forbidden, he's not my blood.

But once he was everything to me.

No one knows why he disappeared years ago.

But I do...

I just don't know why he's back.

*Born Savages is both second chance romance and family saga. It is a stand alone book in a new series from USA Today and NYT Bestselling Author Cora Brent.


  • Number: B00XH100YA
  • Release: 2015-05-09
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, * Romance: Sports
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
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This is not a simple story.

This is not even just one story.

There’s a boy, and there’s a girl. But there’s so much more than that.

In the beginning we found lust.

At the end we found each other.

Along the way we found everything else.

**Unruly is a USA Today bestselling stand alone novel**

FALL - Gentry Boys, #4

  • Number: B00SJE6XNC
  • Release: 2015-01-20
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, New Adult & College, Series: Stands Alone
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
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From NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Cora Brent comes a new epic crossover novel.


I was a lost girl, a child bride.

Now, to most people I appear to be just an average college student. They would never guess my strange history. But secretly I’m still held down by my past. I cannot bring myself to trust men.

So why do I find myself drawn to the most dangerous one of all?

Oversexed, foul-mouthed and ten years my senior, he should have been my nightmare.

Instead, he’s my fantasy….


How many women have I ruined?

Hell if there’s any point in counting. Only once did I ever do something unforgivable and the consequence crushed my soul. Maybe that’s why I remain here, in the barren desert wasteland occupied by the worst of my degenerate family.

This is a prison I’ve inflicted on myself.

Into my purgatory walks Jenny; feisty, beautiful, but little more than a girl.

No one decent should want a thing to do with me.

I told her that.

She didn’t listen.

Note: FALL is a crossover between the Gentry Boys series and the Defiant MC series. Characters from the Gentry Boys as well as the book Promise Me figure prominently. However, FALL was written as a stand-alone and it is not necessary to have read either series.

*WARNING* This book is intended for mature audiences over the age of 18. It contains explicit language, sexual situations, and violence that may be upsetting to some.

GAME - Gentry Boys, #3

  • Number: B00PHMVK82
  • Release: 2014-11-10
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, New Adult & College, Series: Stands Alone
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
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From USA Today and NYT Bestselling author Cora Brent....

Those dirty-talking, hard-loving, sexy alpha triplets are back!

This time it’s Chase Gentry who has met his match in the latest story filled with gritty realism, steamy bedroom antics and the unbreakable bonds of love and brotherhood. May be read as a stand alone.


As a bookie, I know more about money lines, pay sheets and point spreads than any six men. I always thought I was in control until a terrible betrayal taught me otherwise. The price was my dignity and I can’t bear to make any more mistakes.

Chase Gentry figured it would be easy to get to me. He thought I was like every other girl, just dying to spread wide for him. I knew it was a rotten gamble to get mixed up with a guy too smart and too hot for his own good. Chase is destined to be as much trouble to those around him as he is to himself. But it’s too late. He’s already won my heart.

Everyone around us insists that we’re wrong for each other; too intense, too explosive. Everyone might be right.


Gentry men aren’t supposed to be very bright. We’re big. We’re brutal. Women can’t wait to invite us inside. I know I can have any one of them I want any time I want.

It seems unlikely that some bad-tempered chick and her snotty attitude would keep my interest but here it is. Stephanie has no idea what she does to me. I want that girl in more ways than I can even talk about.

It should have been enough to have her and be done with it. But no matter how volatile we are together, it’s never enough. To hell with anyone who objects. I’m not letting her go.

*Warning: The third book in the bestselling Gentry Boys series contains explicit language, sexual situations and violence that may be upsetting to some.

RISK - Gentry Boys, #2

  • Number: B00O0CMU1G
  • Release: 2014-09-28
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, New Adult & College, Series: Stands Alone
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
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“I’d seen enough of Creedence Gentry to know he might be the worst thing I could do. Yet one lustful glance from him scrambled all my sanity.”


My life hasn’t been uneventful and a few things should have sunk in by now. I’m a tired age twenty one with a laundry list of heartbreaks. Most of all, I know what carnage comes from carelessly risking the heart. So what drives me to jump into bed with a brooding player who can barely carry a conversation?

It was supposed to be just one night.

One night of weakness, of passion, of every impulse I’d struggled to contain.

Yet I can’t stop myself from going back for more.


Violence had always found us Gentrys but this time I’d put the price on my own head. It was my cross to bear. No flinching allowed.

There was only room for me, my brothers, and the resolve to survive. That’s all there ever had been.

There was certainly no reason for more than than a quick and dirty time with any girl, no matter how much she turned my head around.

I shouldn’t hold on to her for more than a few hours. I shouldn’t even think about it. This thing could finish us both.

It doesn’t matter. She’s all I want.


This book contains explicit language, sexual situations, and violence that may be upsetting to some.

‘RISK’ is the second novel in the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Gentry Boys series, however it may be read as a stand alone.

DRAW - Gentry Boys, #1

  • Number: B00M8PKVF4
  • Release: 2014-07-29
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, New Adult & College, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
  • Buy Now

Read the NYT and USA Bestseller that started it all....

“All my life I’d always known what the Gentry boys were. A set of fraternal triplets born to a depraved family, they were rough, sexy and wild as wolves."


I don’t even know if love is real. After running from the bastard who brutalized me, I limped back to Arizona, choosing a vibrant college town in the hopes of starting over. I never expected to find him there.

Cord Gentry.

He and his brothers were tough, lusty forces of nature I’d known since childhood. Years ago, Cord seduced me as a sick game. I’ve hated him ever since. Now here he is again, a man who beats other men bloody for money.

Cord has always been heartless, dangerous, not to be trusted.

And I want him so much I can’t think.


They called us ‘those white trash Gentry boys’ until we believed that’s what we were. Our people squatted at the edge of a hellhole prison town for generations. The childhood we endured was the stuff of nightmares. I’d learned early on that my brothers, Chase and Creed, were the only people on earth worth my time.

They all told us we were bad, that we’d always be bad.

The horrors of the past have scarred my soul.

But now I need to be better.

For her.

‘Draw’ is the first of the Gentry Boys series, however this New Adult Romance novel may be read as a stand alone.

Remember Me - Motorcycle Club Romance

Remember Me
  • Number: B00KZPOY5C
  • Release: 2014-06-13
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Diverse Books
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
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Maddox McLeod has always enjoyed the ladies. But a long history of casual lovers masks a cutting betrayal which still wounds him. When Maddox is called back to his hometown of Contention City to tend to his dying father, he must briefly leave his true brothers, the Defiant MC, and confront the agonies of the past. Maddox has spent a decade trying to forget that once there was a girl who held his heart in her hand. And once he had a brother who committed the ultimate treachery.

Contention City itself endures among the ghosts and ruins of the old west. In 1888, young schoolteacher Annika Larson traveled to the Arizona Territory and found herself caught between the passions of two fiery brothers. One a gunslinger, the other a lawman, their differences were irreconcilable.

The scars of the shattering chain of events which followed reverberate into the present as Maddox finds himself faced with impossible choices, and a timeless love…

Part contemporary romance, part historical western, this intertwined tale of love and redemption is a stand alone novel with no cliffhanger.

*Newly Edited! Contains explicit language and sexual situations not recommended for readers under the age of 18.*

Promise Me

Promise Me
  • Number: B00JMFNYP2
  • Release: 2014-04-10
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romantic Suspense, Diverse Books
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
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From NYT and USA Bestselling author Cora epic stand alone novel of heartbreak, desire and the healing power of love.

Promise Talbot needs to escape.

Forced into a polygamous marriage to a sadistic man, she grabs a desperate opportunity to flee his clutches.

And falls into the world of the Defiant Motorcycle Club.

Grayson Mercado seethes with the injustice of a long imprisonment for a crime he did not commit. Finally free, he is trying to make a life among his new brothers. Everything changes when a battered young woman approaches him, begging for help.

Promise and Grayson couldn’t be more different.

But the collision of passion and danger will spark a love written in their fates.

*Full length novel contains adult language, mature emotional themes, and explicit content. Not intended for those under the age of 18.*

Know Me - Motorcycle Club Romance

Know Me
  • Number: B00IZO08D2
  • Release: 2014-03-12
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, New Adult & College
  • Publisher: Cora Brent
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As the daughter of the Coast Devils MC President, Kira Tolleson was raised around dangerous men. But her father, Crest Tolleson, always took pains to keep Kira out of the violent chaos surrounding the club.

When a rival gang massacres the Coast Devils, including Kira’s father, she knows their brutality will not spare her if she is found.

In desperation Kira flees to the Arizona desert to find the one man who might help her.

His name is Orion. As leader of the Defiant MC, he is tough, explosive, unbearably sexy.

And once, he was her father’s best friend.

Confronted by the innocent young woman he'd known long ago, Orion agrees to take her in.

That is, if Kira is willing to meet his terms...

**Warning: This is a novella and contains violence and explicit sexual situations which may be objectionable to some readers. Not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.**

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