Author: Claire J Monroe

Claire J. Monroe is a paranormal romance author who tried (and failed) multiple times not to be a writer. Finally, in late 2015, she gave in to the ‘Powers that Be’s decree that she write and (promptly got out of her own way then) started penning the harmonious-dysfunctional relationships of her Southern Others.

Given her family’s strong military roots, it’s no surprise that her heroes serve in various branches of the military and are domesticated (not emasculated) by their smart and sassy Southern Belle true mates. Born and raised in Northern Virginia then transplanted (by the grace of God) to North Carolina, Claire currently resides in the suburbs of Nashville, TN.


Devil's Tango - Running with the Devil Book 1

Devil's Tango
  • Number: B01N6VPE7F
  • Release: 2017-01-27
  • Author: Claire J Monroe
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romantic Suspense, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Rabbit Hole Press
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Captain Donovan “Van” Tatum is a black ops soldier in a secret organization that deals in all things paranormal and exists for one reason: To protect the Republic. He didn’t have a problem doing his duty until he fell in love with a job, then married her. But all’s fair in love and war and, when an enemy of the State started targeting and killing mates of the men in the organization, he had no choice but to cut himself out of his mate’s life and leave with no explanation. Making that sacrifice nearly destroyed him, but it’d worked.

Until now.

Maddie Colby Tatum isn’t stupid. Five years ago, Van left her for a reason and until she knows what it is, she’s not moving on. Not even when he shows up in her living room and tells her to run with him because there is a hit team crawling up her lawn hell bent on collecting the bounty on her head. Okay, fine, she’ll run. This time. But let him back into her life in that permanent-sexy-man-growly way he keeps saying is gonna happen…?

Maddie: Uh-uh. No way. Not happening. Not until he opens up and starts giving her the truth. And even then, it’s not happening. At all. Ever.

Van: Oh, it’ll happen. Of that he has no doubt. But whether he survives her anger once she’s got her answers…? Maybe. If he's very, very lucky.

Reader Note: This book has soldiers who talk like soldiers. It isn’t always pretty, but it’s what they do when faced with exploding plot bombs deployed in rapid succession that derail their best laid plans. If that kind of bad language isn’t your thing, skip this book. However, if you’re looking for a fast paced adventure that has a dash of the paranormal, an alpha male hell bent on executing a save-the-girl routine that’ll get him back in his mate’s good graces, and a smart, sassy heroine who’s not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the growly hottie floating her boat, then this book is perfect for you. Enjoy!

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